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Wake Chiropractic


Auto Accident Rehab

Posted on 5 July, 2013 at 2:14 Comments comments (6)
Chiropractic Auto InjuryAuto accidents can often cause problems that are unrealized at the time of injury.  Even "fender-benders" can cause misalignment of the spine that when left untreated will lead to further degeneration and nerve damage. Often times medical doctors will take x-rays to rule out fracture and dislocation and then prescribe pain killers. These pain pills further mask the injuries. In chiropractic the first step is to take the proper films, this means weight bearing films, taken standing with the weight of gravity.  At Piedmont Chiropractic we will treat your injury with an all of the above approach of therapy, massage and Chiropractic adjustments to get you to pre-injury status and back to your life in the least amount of time possible. 

We work closely with lawyers and/or insurance company and will wait for your case to settle, meaning we do not ask you to pay for your treatment out of pocket.  

Piedmont Chiropractic has earned a reputation of expertise in the treatment of auto trauma injuries.