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October is Chiropractic Health & Wellness Month

Posted on 6 October, 2014 at 12:02 Comments comments (1)
Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber claimed October as 'Chiropractic Health and Wellness Month" in an official proclamation in August 2014.  The proclamation noted:

-Oregon and our nation have a growing health care crisis, the cost of which is having a profound impact on our state and national budgets.
-The State of Oregon has a goal to produce healthy citizens rather then simply financing and delivery healthcare. 
-The State of Oregon Evidence-based Low Back Pain Management Guidelines recommend spinal manipulation as the only drug-free treatment for acute, sub acute, and chronic low back pain
-Oregon's 1500 licensed Doctors of Chiropractic are primary care providers specializing in spinal manipulation, but also on health promotion and wellness.
-Services of Doctors of Chiropractic result in improved health, satisfaction, safety and reduced per capita costs

Gov. Kitzhaber sited a seven-year prospective follow-up study analyzing 70,274 member-months of patients managed by doctors of chiropractic resulted in an 85 percent reduction in drug costs, 62 percent reduction in MRIs and surgeries, 60.2 percent reduction of, in hospital admissions, and a 59 percent reduction in hospital stays.

Astonishing Results of 7 Year Study

Posted on 20 August, 2014 at 11:00 Comments comments (1)
Chiropractic StatisticsA 7 year study was conducted that led to some astonishing results.  Researches found that patients whose primary physician was a chiropractor experienced 60% less hospital admissions, 59% less days in the hospital, 62% less outpatient surgeries and 85% less in pharmaceutical costs.