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"I can’t thank Dr. Phillips enough! He has helped me in so many ways. It’s great to be able to sleep through the night and wake up without pain. I use to only sleep for an hour or two a night, but now I sleep the whole night through. I also suffered from Carpel Tunnel for over 20 years I've even been to two other chiropractors before and didn't get relief. Dr. Phillips took my condition seriously; he listened to what I had to say and found the source of my problem."

Clark K. 

“I’m 81 years old and have gone to Chiropractors many times in my life. It wasn't until I came to Dr. Sean Phillips that I had adjustments and treatments that have done me so much good. My back was controlling the use of my legs and I could not even walk through a store to finish shopping. Now I can. My eyes seemed not to focus right as my neck was so tight. This has changed also. My neck felt like it was down to my chest and standing straight was a problem. I now stand & walk straight and I feel like I have a neck. Thank you Dr. Sean for the care, concern and help you brought to me."

Mary V.

“Dr. Phillips conducted a posture screening at Curves, where I work part-time. I participated in the screening and the results confirmed what I already knew and tried to ignore-my posture was “way off”. My head was off center, my hips were not even, one leg was considerably longer than the other; need I say more-I was a mess. I knew that skeletal problems were contributing to my poor posture and I was feeling self-conscious. It was really difficult to hold myself up straight. My neck and shoulders would be tight and sore when I was under stress or when repetitive movements were made over a period of time. I also suffered with chronic lower back pain. I was reluctant to seek chiropractic care. I was skeptical because I did not understand what was involved. I am no longer ignorant of this profession. My overall health has improved. I have increased in flexibility, less back pain and feel more confident about my improved posture. Dr. Phillips, I really appreciate your pleasant demeanor and your professionalism. I have also been very impressed with your treatment program.!”

Nancy C.